Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Heyohwhoa commission

This was another little commission I did with Heyohwhoa.
I have a Sailor Moon Yaoi group at Y!Gallery.(Go check it out if you want)
And I wanted a custom theme for it, and what would make a better theme than a naked Tuxedo Mask centerfold! XD
So here it is, bask in it's naked glory! ^_^

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Collage of my Stripped commissions

As some of you may have noticed, my blog has a new title pic.
It features some of my faveorite characters being stripped and embarrassed! XD
It features the main themes of my blog.
Yaoi - Inuyasha, Zelgadis, Tuxedo Mask, Urahara and Roy.
Slash - Johnny Storm, Spider-Man and Gambit.
Stripped - Ummmm...I think that this is self-explanitory.
I had to shrink all the guys to fit them in the pic so here is a collage of them in there origonal size for you all to enjoy. ^_^

The idea for each of these guys came from my own perverted mind but they were actually drawn by the ever lovin Heyohwhoa!
All must bow before the glory that is Heyohwhoa!!! XD

Monday, September 10, 2007

Potter Exposure!

No this isn't a post about Daniel Radcliffe being naked in Equus (although that is a topic worth squealing over XD) no this is about pictures that were drawn for me by some wonderful people that know I like both Harry Potter and guys stripped and embarrassed! And so here we have some wonderful Potter exposure!

First we have a lovely piece by the talented KLaine.
It is called "Diffindo"
In the "Chamber of Secrets" video game you get a spell called Diffindo that you use to cut down cloth that block secret passage ways in the game. However if you overpower the spell it blows up in your face and you hear it shredding your characters robes. Of course they never show anything in the video game (But it was a cute little thing anyway) and I always wished they had.
And then I thought "Hmmmmmmm, if Draco Malfoy knows this spell than surely he would have used on Harry." And thus this awesome little piece was created by KLaine!
And so here we have Draco using the Diffindo spell to shred Harry's robes until their remnants simply fall off him. And poor embarrassed Harry tries to use his school book to cover his modesty! XD

This one is by Jhemos!
It is simply titled "Accio Clothes!"
The twins were feeling exceptionally mischievous one day and decided to embarrass Ron and Harry.
I see this happening during one of Harry's stays at the Burrow. ^_^

This one is by GiulioMazarini.
The idea behind it is the same as the last pic but GiulioMazarini took it into a much more hilarious direction! XD
They gave it the rather long yet appropriate title of "Harry's magic is getting to powerful for his own good".
Tee hee! ^_^

Oh, and for those of you who don't quite get the joke.
The second character you see after Ron Weasley is Ron Stoppable from the show Kim Possible and the third person is anther character named Ron, he's from the King of Fighters video game series.
I take it you all get the joke now. ^_^