Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why do I still watch Pro-Wrestling?

Hmmmmmmm......let me see.
What could the reason be?

Well darn!
I just cant seem to think of what the reason could be. ^_~


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Listergirl Wonderfullness!

Listergirl is yet another awesome Y!Gallery artist!
On a few occasions she has been kind enough to stick one of my fave characters (Havoc from Fullmetal Alchemist) in various embarrassment scenes!
Feel the love everyone!

This is the most recent pic of hers.
It's inspection day and Havoc is called into Mustangs office.
He was expecting a normal inspection with some questions and a check to make sure is uniform is in proper order.
Needless to say he was surprised when Mustang orders him to stand still and has some other soldiers strip him naked!
Roy and Farman look like there really gonna enjoy this VERY thorough inspection!

Here's another humiliating moment for our dear Havoc!
Havoc and Farman have just arrived at headquarters, but Havoc's pants leg got caught in the car door when Farman closed it. So when the car drove off it took Havoc's pants with it!
Farman looks rather pleased with the situation!

Here's the last pic for now.
Roy was trying to have an afternoon quickie with Havoc, but Havoc just wasn't in the mood.
Well Roy wasn't going to take "No" for an answer. So he uses his flame alchemy to burn Havoc's uniform off him. But before the fun can begin all the other members of Roys staff show up for a meeting. The singed Havoc just looks humiliated while Roy trys to make up a story of him trying to light Havoc's cigarette and the flames going out of control.
No one looks convinced.
Again, Farman looks pleased. XD

You should all go and give Listergirls gallery a peek.
She has some other great stuff up there. ^_^

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Absinthestudios Commissions

Absinthestudios is yet another awesome artist I met at Y!Gallery and he has done some great commissions for me!
And here they are for all of you to drool over! ^_^

The first commission was a three page comic staring Spider-Man and the Human Torch.
I have entitled it "Public Exposure"
Enjoy! ^_^

The second commission is a one page comic starring Joe Higashi from the King of Fighters/Fatal Fury video games/anime.
I'm gonna entitle this one "The Pantsing Seen Round The World!"

My last commission was a two page X-Men comic that once again focused on hot guys being stripped of their pants and dignity. (Are you noticing a theme yet?) :P
I will entitle this one simply "Drunk Kurt" ^_^

Absinthestudios thought that the second page of "Drunk Kurt" would look good as a stand alone pin-up, so here's a version of it without the word bubbles. ^_^

Well, I hope you all enjoyed that wonderfulness!
I'll probably post more hot pics from Absinthestudios in the future but in the meantime, why don't you all go check out his awesome Y!Gallery page! ^_^

Shirtless Superheroes - Sids Faves 2

Here are some more awsome scans from Shirtless Superheroes!
Two of these are actually from yours truly! ^_^

Sentai Butt! XD

It's no secret that I am still a fan of Power Rangers, so it follows that I am also a fan of the Sentai shows that Power Rangers was created from.
This fun little scene is from the Boukenger movie! Check it out!
If your a fan of Power Rangers/Sentai or just think (like I do) that Japanese guys are hot than you should appreciate this short but sweet butt shot from Mitsutomo Takahashi who played Satoru Akashi / BoukenRed in the Boukenger TV series and movie. ^_^
By the way, whats happening in this scene is that Satoru and his dad are surrounded by monsters and Satoru is using a grappling hook type device to pull himself up to safety, but his father grabs on to his pants at the last second and pulls them down just enough to show a surprising amount of rump for a kids show! XD

Both of these pics are from the blog Naked Tokyo.
Go and check it out if you share my love for hot naked Japanese guys! XD
Many thanks to Jay, Naked Tokyo's owner for allowing me to use these pics from his blog. ^_^

Friday, August 3, 2007

Iceman Commissions

Here are some pics that I commissioned from the very talented artist Iceman!
I commissioned a total of 3 pieces from him, but there are 4 pics below because he split the Inuyasha commission into two separate pics, but was still kind enough to charge it as only one commission! ^_^

Here is the split commission.
It's Inuyasha and Miroku being raped by tentacles! XD
I know some people don't go for it, but personally I love the muscles that Inuyasha and Miroku have in Iceman's style. ^_^

Here is my Spider-Man commission!
Is this not just one of the hottest Spidey pics you have ever seen? XD
Spider-Man has been captured by the Sinister Six! And now that they have him at there mercy, they are going to unmask more ways than one! XD
This is supposed to look like it could be a comic cover if the title were placed on it's top. And I think that it was a success! ^_^

Now this was my first Iceman commission.
The two characters are mine, but the credit for there design all goes to Iceman. ^_^
I have always found the idea of a guy falling asleep in an enchanted forest getting stripped and molested by faeries hot. Weird, yes. But hot! XD
I'll tell you more about the two guys when I have more of there story written.
For now I'll just tell you that the black-haired guy's name is Darius and the blond-haired guy's name is Gavin. ^_~

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shirtless Superheroes - Sids Faves 1

Have you ever been to the Shirtless Superheroes blog?
Well if not than you should go right now!
It's quite a nice place to see some skin from our favorite comic characters!
It's run by the ever so nice Pandesal. Who shares my love for embarrassment nudity.
Go and give the place a looksie. I guarantee you'll see something you'll like! ^_^
These pics are just some choice morsels from the blog, much more can be found at Shirtless Superheroes. ^_^

I hope you all enjoyed that. I'll probably post some more scans from Shirtless Superheroes, so keep an eye out! ^_^

A Slayers Commission + Extras

For those of you who have never watched the anime "Slayers", you are really missing out on one of the best Comedy/Fantasy/Adventure animes ever! XD
And for my fellow yaoi enthusiasts, it has some very hot guys in it that are ripe for yaoifying! XD
Which leads us to this awesome piece of work!
This is my most recent commission. It is by Fluffyvivi.

Whats is happening is that Zelgadis (The blue guy) and Gourry (The blond guy) have gone to investigate a supposedly haunted castle only to find upon entry that not only is it really haunted, but it's haunted by horny gay ghosts! XD
The ghosts see the two hotties entering there dominion and immediately start to have some fun with them! XD
Ghostly hands appear and restrain the two as more ghostly hands begin to strip them and even more start to grope them! XD
So of course they cant help bu be a little aroused. ^_^
Don't worry, they'll escape, but not before the ghosts have finished with them! XD

Now, an explanation is in order for those of you who don't know slayers.
The reason Zelgadis is blue and has little pebbles all over his body is this...

When he was younger he desired power. The evil Red Priest Rezo offered him that power and he accepted. But Rezo didn't just give him power, instead he used sorcery to merge Zelgadis (A normal human) with a Rock Golem and a Brau Demon. Hence the blue skin and the pebbles here and there.
He got power but now hates the way he looks. He spends almost the entire series searching for a cure to Rezos sorcery, but never finds it.
Despite his constant moping about how hideous he thinks he is, he's one of the most popular characters in Slayers fandom and is quite popular in the yaoi circuit as well. XD

This pic is actually a very good explanation for Zels predicament!

This pic was drawn by the DA artist Jaxthebat.

Oh, and just for the hell of it.
Here was Zels Reaction to seeing my commission! ^_^

Embarrassing Ryu ^_^

Ryu from Street Fighter is a great guy to put in embarrassing situations!
He looks so tough, but the second that blush creeps up he becomes one of the cutest guys ever! ^_^

See Ryu blush. Blush Ryu, blush! XD (This pic is by Masanori)

See Ryu strip. Strip Ryu, strip! XD (I'm afraid I don't know this artist)

See Ryu in drag. Work it Ryu, work it! XD (This is by Giuliomazarini)

See Ryu whimper. Whimper Ryu, whimper! XD (This is by Hotcha)

An unkown (but cute/hot) Goahn pic

I found this cute (and hot) pic of a naked and embarrassed Gohan on an image board but no reference was given as to where it came from.

Dose anyone know where this pic came from?
It looks to me like part of a manga/doujinshi scan.
Thanks for any help that can be given. ^_^