Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heyohwhoa Set 3

These are two more commissions I got from Heyohwhoa.
Both of the pics were birthday gifts for two of my friends on Y!Gallery.

The top pic is Terry Bogard from the King of Fighters and Fatal Fury games/anime.
This pic was a birthday gift for Harperdude5.
He (and me as well) is a Terry Bogard fan boy and loves to see yaoi art of the man. He specifically asked for Terry art for his birthday, so I obliged! ^_^
He loves Terry and I love to see guys stripped and humiliated, so I stuck those to things together and Voila! Heyohwhoa came up with this awesome mini-comic of Terry stripped bit by bit until his naughty bits are exposed for all to see! XD

The bottom pic is another Birthday gift, this one was for EllieWolf.
A year ago EllieWolf offered to draw me a pic for my birthday, so I asked for a pic of Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kouga chained to a wall while I (As my character Sidious) stripped them naked!
So this year I decided to do the same to her! XD
I commissioned Heyohwhoa to draw a very similar pic for her birthday.
Elliewolfs main Inuyasha pairing was Sesshomaru X Kouga, so I knew that they would definitely have to be in the pic. And recently EllieWolf had started watching Fullmetal Alchemist and fallen in love with it. So I decided to have Roy and Ed be the other two guys chained up. That way I had her two old loves and two of her new loves.
And since I was supposed to be the one who chained them up I kept myself in character.
I would definitely not be able to keep my self from stripping these four if I had them chained up like that! XD
I hope you all enjoy! ^_^

Heyohwhoa Set 2

The top pic is a pic Heyohwhoa drew for me!
The story behind it is that Miroku was extremely horny but neither Inuyasha or Kouga was willing to help him out. So Miroku uses his wind tunnel to suck the clothes right off the two demons! XD

The second pic was my first major commission from Heyohwhoa.
I had just started watching Bleach (A great anime/manga in my opinion) and had fallen in love with Ichigo. But I was very disappointed with the lack of Ichigo skin on he show. So I decide to fix that by having Heyohwhoa attack him with a bunch of horny spirits! XD
In a storm of ghostly hands, Shreds of clothing and protests from the humiliated (but aroused) Ichigo, we finally get to see our favorite Shinigami in all his embarrassingly naked glory! XD

Heyohwhoa Set 1

Heyohwhoa has been so kind and has drawn various things for me.
These are two versions of a very hot Fullmetal Alchemist pic I received from him.
The first has Ed dissolving Roy's uniform just to the point of revealing his underwear.
The second pic goes further and gives us all a nice shot of Roy-Penis! XD

My Keric Commission

This awsome piece of sexiness was thought up and commissioned by me!
It was drawn by the superb artist Humbuged!
I cant explain why, but Humbugeds character Keric is just sooooo cute! XD
I love him and I love seeing stuff like this happen to him even more!

One of the best Inuyasha pics ever!

This is one of my all time faveorite Inuyasha pics on the Internet! XD
It was drawn by the talented Caliosidhe who can be found in three different places!

Her website.

Her Deviantart page.

Her Y!Gallery page.

I dont know if she is still takeing commissions, but if she is than you can be sure that i'm gonna get me some Inuyasha nakedness! XD

First post!

What better way to start my new blog than with one of my fave pics! XD