Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Heyohwhoa Set 2

The top pic is a pic Heyohwhoa drew for me!
The story behind it is that Miroku was extremely horny but neither Inuyasha or Kouga was willing to help him out. So Miroku uses his wind tunnel to suck the clothes right off the two demons! XD

The second pic was my first major commission from Heyohwhoa.
I had just started watching Bleach (A great anime/manga in my opinion) and had fallen in love with Ichigo. But I was very disappointed with the lack of Ichigo skin on he show. So I decide to fix that by having Heyohwhoa attack him with a bunch of horny spirits! XD
In a storm of ghostly hands, Shreds of clothing and protests from the humiliated (but aroused) Ichigo, we finally get to see our favorite Shinigami in all his embarrassingly naked glory! XD

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