Friday, August 3, 2007

Iceman Commissions

Here are some pics that I commissioned from the very talented artist Iceman!
I commissioned a total of 3 pieces from him, but there are 4 pics below because he split the Inuyasha commission into two separate pics, but was still kind enough to charge it as only one commission! ^_^

Here is the split commission.
It's Inuyasha and Miroku being raped by tentacles! XD
I know some people don't go for it, but personally I love the muscles that Inuyasha and Miroku have in Iceman's style. ^_^

Here is my Spider-Man commission!
Is this not just one of the hottest Spidey pics you have ever seen? XD
Spider-Man has been captured by the Sinister Six! And now that they have him at there mercy, they are going to unmask more ways than one! XD
This is supposed to look like it could be a comic cover if the title were placed on it's top. And I think that it was a success! ^_^

Now this was my first Iceman commission.
The two characters are mine, but the credit for there design all goes to Iceman. ^_^
I have always found the idea of a guy falling asleep in an enchanted forest getting stripped and molested by faeries hot. Weird, yes. But hot! XD
I'll tell you more about the two guys when I have more of there story written.
For now I'll just tell you that the black-haired guy's name is Darius and the blond-haired guy's name is Gavin. ^_~

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fluffyvivi said...

These are really awesome! I'm digging the enchanted forest and Inuyasha pics especially!