Wednesday, August 1, 2007

An unkown (but cute/hot) Goahn pic

I found this cute (and hot) pic of a naked and embarrassed Gohan on an image board but no reference was given as to where it came from.

Dose anyone know where this pic came from?
It looks to me like part of a manga/doujinshi scan.
Thanks for any help that can be given. ^_^


TMB said...

I think I have the whole piece of this comic...if you can wait 2 more weeks till I am back from holiday, I'll check if I'm right :P

ps. this is Leoconoe from the Y!Gallery<3

Sidious said...

Nice hearing from you Leoconoe! ^_^
Yes! I would love to see more of the comic this image came from! XD
I'll look forward to seeing it when you come back from your holiday. ^_^

Anonymous said...

i know where it is u want me to post the link

Anonymous said...

I know where it is do u want me to post the link

Sidious said...

Oh yes please. ^_^
I would really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...,dragon-ball-z,dragon-ball-h.1.html

Anonymous said...,dragon-ball-z,dragon-ball-h.1.html
Hope u like it but it's not yaoi.