Sunday, August 5, 2007

Absinthestudios Commissions

Absinthestudios is yet another awesome artist I met at Y!Gallery and he has done some great commissions for me!
And here they are for all of you to drool over! ^_^

The first commission was a three page comic staring Spider-Man and the Human Torch.
I have entitled it "Public Exposure"
Enjoy! ^_^

The second commission is a one page comic starring Joe Higashi from the King of Fighters/Fatal Fury video games/anime.
I'm gonna entitle this one "The Pantsing Seen Round The World!"

My last commission was a two page X-Men comic that once again focused on hot guys being stripped of their pants and dignity. (Are you noticing a theme yet?) :P
I will entitle this one simply "Drunk Kurt" ^_^

Absinthestudios thought that the second page of "Drunk Kurt" would look good as a stand alone pin-up, so here's a version of it without the word bubbles. ^_^

Well, I hope you all enjoyed that wonderfulness!
I'll probably post more hot pics from Absinthestudios in the future but in the meantime, why don't you all go check out his awesome Y!Gallery page! ^_^


pandesal said...

Oh, I love "Public Exposure"!

Sidious said...

I thought you would like that. ^_^
Keep an eye out, i'll be sending you some more naked spidey goodness for Shirtless Superheroes soon! ^_^