Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Embarrassing Ryu ^_^

Ryu from Street Fighter is a great guy to put in embarrassing situations!
He looks so tough, but the second that blush creeps up he becomes one of the cutest guys ever! ^_^

See Ryu blush. Blush Ryu, blush! XD (This pic is by Masanori)

See Ryu strip. Strip Ryu, strip! XD (I'm afraid I don't know this artist)

See Ryu in drag. Work it Ryu, work it! XD (This is by Giuliomazarini)

See Ryu whimper. Whimper Ryu, whimper! XD (This is by Hotcha)


pandesal said...

Wow! Great artwork. The pencils and the coloring is very good.

I've always had a thing for Ryu.

Sidious said...

Yeah, all these artist are great!
I've always love Masanoris artwork.
And the last pic by Hotcha is another fave of mine.
You should give his gallery a look at Y!Gallery.


NGLGRADO said...

hey nice i love yaoi can you help me out im having some trouble here on blogger.