Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sentai Butt! XD

It's no secret that I am still a fan of Power Rangers, so it follows that I am also a fan of the Sentai shows that Power Rangers was created from.
This fun little scene is from the Boukenger movie! Check it out!
If your a fan of Power Rangers/Sentai or just think (like I do) that Japanese guys are hot than you should appreciate this short but sweet butt shot from Mitsutomo Takahashi who played Satoru Akashi / BoukenRed in the Boukenger TV series and movie. ^_^
By the way, whats happening in this scene is that Satoru and his dad are surrounded by monsters and Satoru is using a grappling hook type device to pull himself up to safety, but his father grabs on to his pants at the last second and pulls them down just enough to show a surprising amount of rump for a kids show! XD

Both of these pics are from the blog Naked Tokyo.
Go and check it out if you share my love for hot naked Japanese guys! XD
Many thanks to Jay, Naked Tokyo's owner for allowing me to use these pics from his blog. ^_^

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