Sunday, August 12, 2007

Listergirl Wonderfullness!

Listergirl is yet another awesome Y!Gallery artist!
On a few occasions she has been kind enough to stick one of my fave characters (Havoc from Fullmetal Alchemist) in various embarrassment scenes!
Feel the love everyone!

This is the most recent pic of hers.
It's inspection day and Havoc is called into Mustangs office.
He was expecting a normal inspection with some questions and a check to make sure is uniform is in proper order.
Needless to say he was surprised when Mustang orders him to stand still and has some other soldiers strip him naked!
Roy and Farman look like there really gonna enjoy this VERY thorough inspection!

Here's another humiliating moment for our dear Havoc!
Havoc and Farman have just arrived at headquarters, but Havoc's pants leg got caught in the car door when Farman closed it. So when the car drove off it took Havoc's pants with it!
Farman looks rather pleased with the situation!

Here's the last pic for now.
Roy was trying to have an afternoon quickie with Havoc, but Havoc just wasn't in the mood.
Well Roy wasn't going to take "No" for an answer. So he uses his flame alchemy to burn Havoc's uniform off him. But before the fun can begin all the other members of Roys staff show up for a meeting. The singed Havoc just looks humiliated while Roy trys to make up a story of him trying to light Havoc's cigarette and the flames going out of control.
No one looks convinced.
Again, Farman looks pleased. XD

You should all go and give Listergirls gallery a peek.
She has some other great stuff up there. ^_^

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